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what is "the creative garden"?

The Creative Garden is a place that exists in both the tangible and intangible worlds. It is the space that we create together to explore and grow your creativity. It is the space of my workshop/office/studio where we can meet, experiment, listen, move, and shed light on your creative aspirations. It is the space of your own self-contained creative ecosystem as well as the ecosystem of your broader creative community. The Creative Garden is my dream and my passion to help others unlock their creativity.


My story

Why I do this

   Having been raised in a family of artists and art educators, art and its varied enigmatic and wonderful processes were woven into me at an early age. While my parents expressed themselves through the modalities of drawing, painting and sculpture, I explored other paths to engage with my inner artist.

   At the age of 15, I found my voice...with my actual voice. Something incredible happened the first time I picked up a microphone. Sounds were coming out of my mouth, sure, but there was something more guttural, more primal and beautifully ineffable that was blooming forth from my being. I became a vocalist, and later, a guitar player with many bands and musical projects. I had found my soul passion, my connection to a creative, mystic energy/force.

   When it came time for continued formal studies in college, I chose Film and Media Art (rather than following my initial plan of psychology- I will explain later!). Learning about and creating with film and video art was an incredible way for me to navigate not only my transition into adulthood, but also to process the pain and confusion connected with a major personal health crisis I had been enduring. My formal studies gave me new language around, and a new way of experiencing and engaging with my creative process.  

   After my studies, I took a sharp left turn and followed my earlier passion/ interest for mental health. For nearly a decade, I worked, in a variety of capacities, in a mental health day treatment center for youth. Eventually, I decided to further my education and investment in mental health and went back to school for a graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling.

   I worked for a couple more years at the day treatment center, and then moved toward my dream of developing a private practice. During this time, I also became interested in, and explored Dance Movement Therapy as well as became a certified yoga instructor- learning about movement and how our bodies hold emotion, knowledge, and energies deepened my understanding of wellbeing.

   While I loved my counseling private practice, I found that I felt as though something was missing. I had continued to follow my creative pursuits in music and recording, but there was an integration in my life that was incomplete. Moving toward Creativity Coaching and Cultivation offers me the context to integrate the parts of myself that I believe are my gifts to offer the world: my knowledge of creative processes, movement practices, and psychological processes and interventions. I feel joyful as I integrate these facets of my being and share my passion and experience with others to help creative voyagers in the exploration of their unique expressive movement in the world.

Jesse Williams Creativity Coach, music
Jesse Williams Creativity Coach
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